Payroll and Related Services

Payroll Processing

We can receive your payroll data via:

Ways we accept payment.
  • Direct input from the web.
  • A spreadsheet sent via email.
  • A swipe card or other computerized sign-on.
  • Fax or email attachment of scanned documents.

Payments are made to employees via:

Ways we distribute payment.
  • Hard copy check delivered to employer or printed at employer's location
  • Direct deposit to account of choice
  • Deposit made to pay card or debit card

Expense reimbursement payments are available, as well as payment to 1099-type contractors. Additional services available upon request.

Payroll-related Tax Filings and Payments

  • We offer instant calculations of Federal, State, and Local taxes - nationwide.
  • We prepare nescessary tax filings including: 940, 941, 944, W2, W3 and 1099.
  • Payment of tax liabilities with a single mouse-click.
Tax filings and payments.

Payroll Reporting Services

Tax filings and payments.

Many flexible reports are available, covering all aspects of payroll.

These reports can be broken down by location, department, or nearly any other criteria to assist management in controlling expenses.

Reports include all taxes paid and cost of employer and employee-paid benefits.

Our Online Payroll-related Services...

  • comply with court ordered payments.
  • allow voluntary payroll deductions for insurance or charitable contributions.
  • create Flexible Benefit/Cafeteria Plan (sect. 125) deductions and reports.
  • create 401(k)/retirement plan deductions and reports.
  • offer Employee Benefit administration, communication, and reporting by approved third-party providers for section 125 and section 401(k) plans.

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