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Employee Benefit Statistics
Did you know that 1 in 10 employers pay almost half of their payroll dollars into employee benefits?

On Average an employer with less than 99 employees pays 32.6% of payroll out in benefits and employers with 1,000 or more pay 39.6% in benefits .
Most Employees do not know the value of their benefit package which keeps them from understanding the value your company places in them. MyPayrollSite.com can assist you in communicating this information to your employees.

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Interview Questions You Should NOT Ask
Did you know that asking the wrong questions in a job interview can land you in Court?
There are numerous Federal Laws that govern the process of hiring new employees, not to mention state and local statutes!
For More on Hiring Do's and Don'ts

The Benefits of Direct Deposit:
Some employees are hesitant to sign up for Direct Deposit because they do not understand the benefits they will experience.
Some benefits Include:
Employees do not have to wait in line at the bank on their lunch break.
They do not have to pay check cashing fees.
They do not have to worry about a lost or stolen check.
What if they do not have a checking account?
MyPayrollSite.com can provide your employees with access to a nationally recognized pay card service which allows them to have direct deposit & access their funds from any bank ATM or via MasterCard transaction.
Employees do not have to pass a credit check and they can qualify for the card even if they cannot get a traditional checking account.

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