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It is clear that the Feds want employers to be more active as tax collectors and limit the use of 1099's to report earnings.
If you have read previous newsletters, you also know that the feds want to limit the use of "salaried" employees. There are current proposals to dramatically increase the minimum compensation to be paid to a "salaried" employee. It is clear that abuses are present in many industries. A local landscaping and tree trimming service that pays all of its employees as self employed is clearly in violation. To their competitors, it creates an unfair marketing advantage as well. They are avoiding the expense of Social Security/Medicare, Worker's Comp and Unemployment Taxes. Avoiding these expenses, amounts to nearly a 30% cost of labor savings. Furthermore, employees tend to consider their take home pay as total compensation. By not withholding taxes, employers use take home pay to recruit labor.
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Preventing Workplace Violence

The Numbers are disurbing enough to keep business owners and managers awake at night: nearly two million American workers report being victims of workplace violence every year.

Two million workers. Those chilling figures come from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Workplace violence ranges from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and even homicide, according to OSHA. To make matters worse, experts say that many cases go unreported.

Here are some OSHA recommendations to take to your current staff.

Do Annual Reviews Work ?

Traditional Annual reveiws can be enormously time-consuming. They generally involve stacks of evaluation forms, a myriad of performance criteria and various numeric ranking systems. According to business researchers CEB, a survey of employers found that managers spend an average of 210 hours a year in complex performance evaluation processes.

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Feds Heat Up On Workers' Classification

The Feds are on the lookout for businesses that improperly classify workers as independent contractors rather than employees. But the heat was recently turned up even more. The issue of worker classification has many tax and benefit implications. And it continues to be problematic for employers.

If you incorrectly treat a worker who is actually an employee as an independent contractor, your company could be assessed unpaid payroll taxes plus interest and penalties.
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Year End Business Documents Due Soon

The year will be ending soon and your business needs to submit the information payroll providers will need to complete annual reports and filings.

With that in mind, here's a list of important information to have available. Some or all of the following items may apply to your business.

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