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With every payroll we prepare you will receive payroll checks, an employee earnings summary, payroll registers, and reporting forms. We prepare all federal, state and local tax filings.

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Oue Services don't just stop with payroll. We provide a variety of services taylored to help your Human Resources department inform and protect you and your employees.

We are fast, accurate, and affordable.

Originally formed to service business clients in Tallahassee, Florida, has grown to service clients throughout the southeast region and the nation. This growth is due in large part to the promptness, precision and pricing of our services.

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Your Complete Source of Employee Compensation Design & Implementation

A paycheck is only one component of employee compensation. Retirement planning, pension/profit sharing plans, 401(k), health insurance, workers compensation, and cafeteria (Sect. 125) plans all combine to create an effective compensation plan. Available through approved third-parties, we can incorporate these elements into your payroll service.

Our "Total Compensation" statements are an option that communicates the entire cost of employment and highlights benefits provisions to employees. For many employees, this is the first time they have been told the cost of all provisions of their pay.

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